K-12 Education Consulting

Topics Include:

  • Using The Motivational Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching to Improve Student Learning
  • Strengthening Student Motivation and Engagement
  • Making Culturally Diverse Schools Safe for Learning
  • Implementing Strengths-focused Home Visits
  • Enhancing Teacher Collaboration through Classroom Visits and Lesson Study
  • Shadowing Students to Improve School for All Students
  • Applying Research on Adult Learning to School Improvement
Consulting Directly with Schools

 I was inspired by Dr. Ginsberg’s work with the Motivational Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching and the incredible impact it had on the administration, staff, students, and families at our school.” ~Elementary School Math Coach

She makes material engaging, is always well-prepared, models motivational principles in every presentation, and generally makes learning fun.” – Elementary School Principal

Recent Pre-conference Workshops

Motivation is to Learning as Oxygen is to Breathing” Conference on Educational Leadership, Pre-conference Session, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. National Harbor, Maryland.

Transforming Educators’ Perspectives of Students and Families in High Poverty Communities: A Strengths-focused Approach.” Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Pre-Conference. Chicago, IL.

Using Transformative Experiences to Inspire Instructional Leadership in Culturally Diverse Schools” Learning Forward. Nashville, TN



Dr. Ginsberg’s K-12 Consulting

I conduct workshops for teachers, school leaders, and district leaders on intrinsic motivation as the foundation for instructional improvement, culturally responsive teaching, enhancing teacher and student (intrinsic) motivation to learn through transformative professional learning, and strengthening school-family relationships in culturally diverse communities. My work spans the United States, Canada, India, Puerto Rico, and Singapore. I also offer sustained support for school improvement and change. This has included Alaska, California, Canada, Colorado, Texas, and Washington and as well as 20 schools across Japan and Germany.

In addition to research publications and articles for practicing educators, my authored and co-authored books include:

Books for K-12 Teachers, Administrative Leaders, Teacher Educators

In 2013 I was honored with the American Educational Research Association (AERA) “Relating Research to Practice Award” for my application of interdisciplinary research through the “motivational framework for culturally responsive teaching.”  This framework enhances instruction in schools, community colleges, and universities to strengthen students’ intrinsic motivation to learn, academic performance, retention, and graduation.

My work builds on experience as a university professor and, for nearly a decade, Associate Professor of Education and Director of the University of Washington-Seattle doctoral program for aspiring educational leaders.  I earned a Ph.D. in Bilingual/Multicultural/Social Foundations of Education from the University of Colorado-Boulder and I currently live in Chicago, Illinois.close quote

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