Excited to Learn: Motivation and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Excited to LearnExcited to Learn: Motivation and Culturally Responsive Teaching

by Margery B. Ginsberg


Transforming student’s motivation as the major driver in the classroom!

Excited to Learn is grounded in Ginsberg and Wlodkowski′s Motivational Framework for Culturally-Responsive Teaching and includes over 50 teaching strategies for a broad range of grade levels and subject areas. These field-tested and research-validated tools provide a blend of theory and practice educators.

The book identifies and provides easily customized teaching methods based on four conditions of the framework:

  • Inclusion (respect and connectedness)
  • Attitude (choice and relevance)
  • Meaning (challenge and engagement)
  • Competence (authenticity and effectiveness)

Illustrated through narrative and outline formats, the framework is attuned to the planning needs of busy educators.


This book adds to Margery Ginsberg’s body of work in the area of culture and motivation in ways that continue to invite practitioners into rich conversations about the role of culture in contemporary classrooms. Ginsberg anchors readers in theory about culture and motivation and offers practical tools to put that theory into action. The “Motivational Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching” allows teachers to truly respond to the complex, dynamic, and diverse cultures present in classrooms; this framework encourages teachers to learn about culture and to apply that knowledge in systematic ways leading to motivating, effective lessons.

Anthony B. Craig, Principal

How can you work with classroom dynamics to increase your culturally diverse students’ investment in learning? In this theoretically sound and immensely practical guide, Margery Ginsberg offers teachers a clear framework loaded with wonderful hands-on activities that have the power to change how teachers and students relate to each other and to academic learning. This book is designed to enable teachers to unlock their students’ inner motivation and reach the students teachers find most challenging.

Christine Sleeter, Professor Emerita

“Education can be a complex endeavor for both students and teachers. Ginsberg’s positive orientation towards problem solving and a commitment to authentic and motivating educational experiences is crucial to unpacking these complexities. Through the examples in this practical guide, we can see how both students and teachers can increase their feelings of efficacy.  The practices compiled within the book combine theory and teaching experience in a way that any educator could find useful. Teachers in every stage of their careers will find the strategies Ginsberg outlines helpful as they consider how to construct inclusive, relevant and challenging educational learning experiences for all their students. This is an extremely useful resource and essential reading for teachers who care about their students’ learning and their success in school and society.”

Cristine Chopra, Instructor University of California, Santa Cruz