Creating Highly Motivated Classrooms

Creating Highly Motivating Classrooms for All Students: A Schoolwide Approach to Powerful Teaching with Diverse Learners

by Margery B. Ginsberg, Raymond J. Wlodkowski


This reflective volume is based on the dual notion that all students are motivated to learn and that the role of teachers is to encourage, elicit, and support this intrinsic desire to learn. Now education professionals have a practical guide to teaching students of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, staff developer, teacher educator, or district officer, this comprehensive resource provides the tools you need to develop, implement, and maintain a culturally responsive system of teaching in any classroom or school. Authors Margery Ginsberg and Raymond Wlodkowski draw from a synthesis of research and literature on learning theories, cultural studies, and teaching practice to describe the key components of a culturally responsive school and pedagogy.

They then present practical strategies for applying The Motivational Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching. This groundbreaking model can not only help teachers develop innovative teaching approaches, but also assist administrators, staff developers, and teacher educators in their efforts to foster educational renewal.

Throughout the book, the authors develop numerous ideas to inspire creativity and build skills that respect the unique qualities of any classroom or school. In addition to case studies, sample lessons, and field-tested activities, the book presents guidelines to help organize school improvement initiatives, design professional development agendas, and conceptualize an effective method of evaluation.

Creating Highly Motivating Classrooms for All Students is an essential guide to ensuring ongoing school renewal.

Ginsberg and Wlodkowski each bring a lifetime of knowledge and experience to this book. Their passion for the learning of all students and teachers and their commitment to equity shine through its chapters. They clearly understand the challenges of teaching an increasingly diverse student body and they provide teachers and principals with practical, proven ways to motivate the learning of both students and teachers.

Dennis Sparks, executive director, National Staff Development Council

There is nothing so useful as good theory informed by years of great teaching and a commitment to empowering education for all students. Ginsberg and Wlodkowski bring all that and more to this very useful and hopeful resource. Highly recommended to any educator!

Beverly Daniel Tatum, dean and professor of psychology and education, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, and author of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

Anyone who wants to get to the core of how to create a powerful and motivationally effective approach to classroom instruction and school renewal should read this book. When our teachers applied this approach, positive change in our school accelerated.

Lorenzo Garcia, area superintendent and former principal of Spring Woods High School in Houston, Texas, recipient of the 1999 Model National Professional Development Award