Motivation Matters

Motivation Matters: A Workbook for School ChangeMotivation Matters: A Workbook for School Change

by Margery B. Ginsberg


Motivation Matters provides school administrators, K-12 teachers, and teacher educators innovative strategies and tools for school change. With a focus on instructional practice that enhances motivation among diverse learners, this important resource helps schools to become more intentional about inspired teaching and learning.

This book gives educators at all levels the means to become strong instructional leaders and school renewal facilitators. It provides coherent professional development plans that are easily customized to any learning context.

Margery B. Ginsberg— coauthor of the highly acclaimed Creating Highly Motivating Classrooms for All Students— elaborates on numerous strategies from that book. She offers five themes for implementing instructionally focused change

  • A shared language for teaching and learning
  • Approaches to strengthen adult collaboration
  • Innovative ways to collect and use data
  • Ways to strengthen parent and community participation, and
  • A school identity that goes beyond conventional vision statements

Moving from theory to practice is easier when you have a guide. Margery Ginsberg provides a very useful resource to help educators sustain their will and hone their skill to create powerful learning environments for all students.

Beverly Daniel Tatum, president, Spelman College

Ginsberg is a veteran educator who asks her reader to create classrooms and schools in which students and teachers alike engage in meaningful work within caring, supportive learning communities.

Dennis Sparks, executive director, National Staff Development Council

This manual provides powerful tools, examples, and resources that will enable teachers and administrators to bring about successful school change. Dr. Ginsberg also models a framework for school improvement that will motivate all students to reach their full potential and meet higher standards.

Rachelle M. Salerno, principal, Thomas O’Brien Academy of Science and Technology Magnet School Lincoln Park, Albany, New York